08 October 2012

Where I've gone off to

For those of you back at my university, you may have noticed I'm not there this semester.

Google's 2012 FEP team

I spent this past summer at Google, Inc, developing internal tools for the AdSense team, specifically Google Programmable Ads. Being at Google was great; I loved my team and my intern cohort, the rest of the interns in the Freshman Engineering Practicum.

I'm not currently at Google; my internship ended at the beginning of August. Although it was a blast, all good things must come to an end.

I'm not at Mason, either. I was super excited to return to university, and was just about to buy my books and get ready to move in when I got an email from a former coworker at Ksplice, a startup Oracle acquired while I interned there last year. He was starting a new company which would focus on business communications. I'd be working with a bunch of my former coworkers, and based on what I had heard of the company's plans I was confident in their ability to make an awesome product.

Needless to say, when they decided to offer me a position working there full time, I jumped on it.

From an academic point of view, Mason didn't really have much of a mechanism to support this. Co-ops are uncommon there, and not really supported for more than one semester; a full year away had never been done, according to our career services. My department was fully supportive, however, so we managed to find a way to make it work. This involved filling out some oddly-named forms, such as Special Registration for Graduation Request, which the registrar asserted was the right form, trust us on this one.

Myself and Obey Arthur Liu
at a SIPB hackathon
But that's all neither here nor there. I'm now up in Cambridge, MA, working with awesome people (including but not limited to tabbott, wdaherjesstess, and keegan), and exploring the city. I'm hanging out with MIT SIPB, helping with the maintenance of Sugar Labs' servers in E15 and spending more time working on various open source projects.

To my friends at Mason: I miss you all. I know regardless of how the next year+ turns out, it'll be one one hell of a ride.

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